Sdoc 100 Motorcycle Winter Cleaning kit (Great gift idea!)

Sdoc 100 Motorcycle Winter Cleaning kit (Great gift idea!)
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Everything a motorcyclist needs to clean, protect and preserve their machine throughout the winter riding season. 

Salt, water and road debris can cause lasting and irreparable damage to motorcycle components, so we’ve combined some of our key cleaning, protection and care products in a handy Winter Cleaning Kit; everything a rider needs to clean, protect and preserve their motorcycle throughout the winter riding season, in one neat and handy package.

Remove road grime, dirt, and grease without scrubbing – so there’s no risk of damage to paint and brightwork – with SDoc100’s award winning Total Gel Cleaner; apply Corrosion Protectant, to help shield metal parts against the effects of road salt;treat the chain with our Chain Cleaner and Chain Lube to help remove spent grease and grit from the links and ensure they’re properly lubricated; then finish with Paint and Plastic Polish, and Black & Shine; to help remove fine scratches, revitalise colour and protect bodywork from UV bleaching.

A microfibre cloth and sponge are also included, as is a saple Visor and Helmet wipe and a handy bucket to help with product application and rinsing, so everything falls easily to hand ready for the next cleaning session.


* Microfibre cloth
* Sponge
* Total Gel Cleaner 1 Ltr
* Corrosion Protectant 300ml
* Chain Cleaner 75ml
* Black & Shine 50ml
* Chain Lube (Re-fillable) 75ml
* Paint & Plastic Polish 220 ml
* Visor Wipe

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